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Photonics, Vol. 8, Pages 442: Pulse Length Monitor for Breakdown Diagnostics in THz and Mm-Wave Accelerators

Photonics doi: 10.3390/photonics8100442

Sergey V. Kutsaev
Vladimir Goncharik
Alex Murokh
Ilya Rezanov
Dmitry Shchegolkov
Alexander Y. Smirnov

The development of novel high-gradient accelerating structures operating at THz frequencies is critical for future free-electron lasers and TeV scale linear colliders. To reach high energies with reasonable length requires high accelerating gradients of ~100 MV/m. The main limitation to reaching these high-energy gradients is the vacuum RF breakdown phenomenon, which disrupts normal accelerator operations. For stable operations and to understand the breakdown microscopic dynamics, a new device capable of detecting the breakdown occurrences is required. In this paper, we provide the design of a pulse length monitor based on an analog to digital converter for fast signal digitization without the need to use high-speed digitizers to be used in a commercial mm-wave heterodyne spectrometer.

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