This study investigates the relationship between impacted third molars and inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) by using panoramic x-ray.

Material and Methods:

A retrospective study was conducted at Assalam Dental Center in Zliten, Libya. We selected panoramic radiographic images of 65 patients (31 Female and 34 Male) between ages (17and 84 years) with 73 impacted mandibular third molars from the database of Assalam Dental Center that requires surgical extraction of their wisdom teeth.


Thirty-eight lower third molars out of the 73 impacted teeth were at high risk of damage to the inferior alveolar nerve with 52%, 11 impacted teeth with low risk to the inferior alveolar nerve, and 24 impacted teeth with no risk.


This digital radiographic study shows the importance of the preoperative radiographic in planning before the extraction of the lower third molars to avoid the risk of nerve damage.

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