Actuators, Vol. 11, Pages 159: Design of a Panoramic Scanning Device Based on a Piezoelectric Ceramic Stack Actuator and Friction Transmission

Actuators doi: 10.3390/act11060159

Minpeng Dai
Hao Ding
Chenwei Huang
Yi Zhu
Ming Wang

In view of the complex structure and inaccurate positioning capabilities of the existing panoramic scanning system, a panoramic scanning device based on a piezoelectric ceramic stack actuator and friction transmission was designed. In our model, the output displacement of the piezoelectric ceramics is amplified by a bridge-type flexure hinge and applied to a shaft by friction to achieve panoramic scanning imaging. The mathematical model of the device was established, and the working characteristics were analyzed. The analysis demonstrated that the linear displacement increment of the shaft is a superposition. A modality simulation was performed, and the simulation results show that the designed device works normally at a frequency of 511.5 Hz. The test results indicated that the displacement of the actuator can reach 6 μm at an input voltage of 100 V. Moreover, the laser scanning results showed that the designed device can perform panoramic scanning imaging, which meets the requirements for use on the high-speed imaging system.

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