Background: Abdominal cocoon (AC) is the partial or complete encasement of the intestines and sometimes other abdominal organs by a fibro-collagenous sac causing varied presentations of intestinal obstruction. It has been found in all age groups from neonates to the elderly although neonatal AC is quite rare and only very few cases have been reported. In neonates, the presentation could mimic other causes of partial or complete intestinal obstruction and preoperative diagnosis is usually difficult.

Case Presentation: We report an atypical sequela of intestinal malrotation causing neonatal intestinal obstruction due to omental encasement of the small and large bowel. The diagnosis was made intraoperatively though contrast gastrointestinal series suggested the partial obstruction at the duodenal-jejunal level. The patient made a good postoperative recovery after extraction of the bowel from the cocoon (omental sac), partial omentectomy, and Ladd’s procedure.

Conclusion: A neonatal abdominal cocoon caused by an omental encasement in a malrotated intestine is a unique presentation and a rare cause of neonatal intestinal obstruction.

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Journal of Neonatal Surgery