Future Internet, Vol. 14, Pages 270: Analysis and Correlation between a Non-Invasive Sensor Network System in the Room and the Improvement of Sleep Quality

Future Internet doi: 10.3390/fi14100270

Eduardo Morales-Vizcarra
Carolina Del-Valle-Soto
Paolo Visconti
Fabiola Cortes-Chavez

Good sleep quality is essential in human life due to its impact on health. Currently, technology has focused on providing specific features for quality sleep monitoring in people. This work represents a contribution to state of the art on non-invasive technologies that can help improve the quality of people’s sleep at a low cost. We reviewed the sleep quality of a group of people by analyzing their good and bad sleeping habits. We take that information to feed a proposed algorithm for a non-invasive sensor network in the person’s room for monitoring factors that help them fall asleep. We analyze vital signs and health conditions in order to be able to relate these parameters to the person’s way of sleeping. We help people get valuable information about their sleep with technology to live a healthy life, and we get about a 15% improvement in sleep quality. Finally, we compare the implementations given by the network with wearables to show the improvement in the behavior of the person’s sleep.

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